Benefits of SIM Only deals

by Sim Card on December 8, 2011

Up until recently new mobile contracts have been supplied with both a new Mobile Phone and a new SIM Card the down side of this setup is that the cost of the phone has to be recouped by the supplying network. So with a mid ranged Sim Free Mobile Phones costing around £200 to £400 that equates to between £11 and £22 added to the monthly line rental just paying for the supply of the phone.

Now if you got a decent phone on your last upgrade and you have no real need to change it then there are some savings to be made, you can move your number to one of the network that offer a SIM Only deal, giving a reduction in line rental in return for not receiving a new phone with the new Sim Card.

Our best Sim Only deal is currently on the O2 network. Their Simplicity Sim Only starts at just £16.50 per month which includes £6 worth of data 100 minutes worth of call to landlines and all other mobiles networks and 100 minutes to other o2 mobile phone plus and this as a great one for the kids unlimited text to all networks.

With those kind of saving on the SIM Only deals it might be worth looking after your phone for a bit longer.



What Is A SIM Card?

by Sim Card on November 29, 2011

What is a SIM Card?

All Mobile phones and Smart Phones now have a SIM card or Subscriber Identity Module, so what is a SIM Card? and why do I need one?

Well a Sim Card is a small circuit board that slides into either a port around the edge of your Mobile Phone (top in the Iphone) or in the back case with many other manufacturers and effectively is the connection with your mobile number and the network.

It is for this reason you are able to remove your SIM card and put it into another Sim free phone if you have saved your numbers on the SIM then it will carry up to 250 of your contacts.

It is always a good idea to backup your contact should your phone or ISM fail.

The benefit of getting a Sim Only deal is that you can take your number to another network and benefit from the latest deals the networks are offering new customers it is known as “number porting” and all networks are obliged to carry out the request.