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o2 Sim Only

If you have a working mobile phone and need a SIM Card  but do not want the hassle of Pay As Yo Go but do not want to be tied into a lengthy contract then an o2 Simplicity Tariff with it’s SIM Card only deal is just the solution.

  • No long contract – Cancel with 30 days notice
  • Keep your current mobile phone – just get a sim
  • Customise your Simplicity tariff with Bolt On’s (available once you’ve chosen your tariff)
  • For even greater value, choose one of the Simplicity  12 month tariffs and you will save a further £5 a month.

Simplicity is just the sim, which means you can keep your current phone and choose a sim only simplicity tariff, which will give you o2′s best value. In addition you can pick as just the right amount of data to meet your requirements  no matter which simplicity tariff you choose. Starting from just £3 a month o2 have got three data packages to choose from, depending on just how frequently you use the internet on your smartphone.

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What’s the difference between Pay Monthly simplicity and Pay & Go simplicity?
Simplicity is available on Pay & Go and  1 month and 12 month Pay Monthly tariffs so you can choose the type of bill payment that best fits your lifestyle. Here’s something to help you pick the right mix of minutes and texts for you. For Pay & Go you pay with your top up, and for the Pay monthly options you pay by direct debit, along with your bill.

Pay Monthly simplicity tariffs mean you don’t have to worry about keeping your phone topped up, you can pay by direct debit for the 30 day or 12 month tariffs. And you get O2 Pay Monthly rewards. Depending on how much you spend you can get early upgrades (if you fancy a new phone) and a discount on home phone and broadband, which then count towards your monthly spend and can help you to move up the tiers to get better rewards.

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